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The Honeoye Hamlet Active Transportation Study (HHATS) its code is UPWP#8767.  The study is a $79,000 grant funded program that will review the needs to improve traffic, pedestrian safety, bicycle use, street eye appeal and many other aspects of our Main Street.  The following pages will show the Richmond based resident steering committee's progress in working with the Genesee Transportation Council (GTC), NY State DOT, Ontario County Planning, NY State DEC and an outside engineering/design firm, SRF/Ingalls . As we progress more pages will be added so comeback often.  To help you know when news is added please look up at the date above for latest edit date.   

The active Participants

Genesee Transportation Council (GTC)


 The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) requires every metropolitan area with a population of over 50,000 to have a designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to qualify for the receipt of federal highway and transit funds. GTC is the designated MPO responsible for transportation policy, planning, and investment decision making in the Genesee-Finger Lakes Region. 

NY State DOT


Because Rt. 20A is a state road, all projects impacting the road must be reviewed by DOT. 

Ontario County Planning


One of the principal players in getting the funds for this study.  Ontario County planning is an active participant in the steering committee and will be active through the entire study.  



Because the Sandy Bottom Park contains a wet land as well as other environmental concerns in the project.  DEC will be an active partner in the project at strategic points

Steering Committee


The steering committee is a group of Richmond residents who volunteer to identify the needs of the community, understand the scope of the project and make sure all outside agencies understand those needs.  .

SRF Associates/Ingalls Consulting


SRF, along with Inglls Planning and design  will do the majority of the work that includes: traffic studies, use studies, street scape designs.  They will deliver the list of detailed projects and the list of grant  institutions that would best fit our needs   




Improve pedestrian and bicycle circulation, parking management, safety within the Hamlet.  Improve accessibility to services, recreation amenities and adjacent amenities, trails and population centers such as Honeoye Lake Park (Times Union Tract)


Take a complete street approach for the hamlet's main st. and integrate into the project's recommendations for success. 


Develop a concept level plan showing a well-connected, attractive bike and pedestrian network incorporating parking management in the hamlet, which is safe, convenient and user-friendly for people of all ages and abilities that will also support the growth of tourism business in the hamlet


Evaluate traffic volumes and composition, motor vehicle lanes and geometry, signage, and intersection and curb cut spacing especially on Main St with an eye toward pedestrian and bicycle safety and handling of heavy truck traffic serving local industry to identify any improvements that may be recommended 


Develop and prioritize implementation recommendations for changes to the town's zoning and development laws and regulations  

Foundation for the future

Provide a foundation for working with County and State entities in planning of future road reconstruction and improvement projects.  Quantify potential project costs and potential sources of funding for implementing the plan's recommendations.  

Steering Committee Activities


5/29/19 First Meeting

The first meeting included members of the public, Main St. stakeholders, Richmond Town Board members and Ontario County Planning Director Tom Harvey.  The assignment was to review UPWP 8767 which is the original document detailing the project's scope of work.  We had a week to review it and compile questions.  All the candidates for the upcoming November election were also asked to review and comment since they may be in charge of managing the outcome of the study.   See UPWP Task 8767 in the reference section of this website. and collected comments. 

Walk Through

Via Email, we reviewed the comments made by committee members and others and eliminated duplicate entries.  We tried to categorize them as to what part of Main St and what aspect of the study the comment addresses.  During the first meeting we agreed to do a walk through on Main St from one end of the project area to the other.  Each member was to report back their observations

6/26/19 Second Meeting

We reviewed the walk through comments.  Again all candidates for the November election were also asked to contribute their Main St. improvement comments.  Again the comments were categorized in a fashion that the consultant can easily review.  

9/12/19: The Consultant: Proposals, Review and Selection

Tom Harvey and the GTC  requested proposals from engineering and design firms (consultants)  in the Genesee Valley.  They were to submit their proposals to the steering committee for review, and ranking.  Three consultants were eventually chosen to be interviewed by the committee.  Following 4 hours of interviews, SRF/Ingalls were selected as the consultant on the study.  

Next Steps: October 2019

SRF will take over the active phase of the project and meet with the steering committee to ensure they have everything they need to move forward

The first of three public meetings is planned this month too in order to get public comments and concerns and address any new issues the steering committee or consultant may have missed. 

Late 2019 early 2020

The Consultant will hold another steering committee meeting prior to year's end and send in timely reports.  Next Scheduled meeting in 2020 is tentatively in May.  See the above time line.  More news on this Main St improvement project as we have it.


Consultant and Steering committees estimated time line TBD



Steering committee/SRF-Ingalls Meeting

6:30 pm - till

Town Hall, Richmond

Event Details


Steering committee/SRF-Ingalls Meeting

All steering committee members are invited to meet the personnel of SRF and Ingalls Design who will be active on the HHATS.  We will also review the scope of work, get updated on any changes to initial tentative schedule, review priorities, and plan first public review of HHATS  

6:30 pm - till

Town Hall, Richmond


!st Public Meeting with Consultant and Steering committee

4pm - 7pm

Town Hall

Event Details


!st Public Meeting with Consultant and Steering committee

We invite you to Town Hall to learn about the HHATS program.  Review the scope of work and voice your support or concerns to the the consultant and steering committee.  

4pm - 7pm

Town Hall

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